I really appreciate your support.

Thanks for telling us that.

My father reads the newspaper while he eats breakfast.


Will you get me off the hook this time?

I know you were the one who broke the window.

I need to check on Samuel.

Has the jury reached a verdict?

Harris is a bit chubby.

I will go regardless of the weather.

She can speak French, and fluently at that.

Without you, my life would have been totally empty.

I want to master French pronunciation.


Somebody left a package here for you.

I'll kiss you if that's what you want.

Abide with me.

Can you see me?

I can't keep up with the fashions of young girls these days.

However, as living standards gradually came to rise, more and more people began to have their own bathrooms at home.

Mysore went to sleep.

I knew we'd find Johnathan.

I'm here to protect them.


I'm upset about Gene.

What's the productivity per person?

What an absurd idea!

We need to find alternatives.

Santa is upstairs with the children.

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Rajarshi overstepped his authority.

Roxana asked for a slow song.

Everyone wants that.


Do you like a cool summer?

I was unconscious for more than thirty hours.

I think I'll go talk to her.

I'm meeting him next Monday.

Jean-Christophe called you.

Day in and day out he does nothing but tend to his sheep.

I'd rather be here than in Boston.

Women use perfume because a nose is easier to tempt than an eye.

My father stretched after dinner.

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My clothes were dirty with oil.

The defense appealed the verdict.

Can you tell me where we're going?


Although it is snowing, I must go.

I love playing tennis more than swimming.

We cannot do without water even for a day.

You said your name was Wayne, didn't you?

What do you think Celeste is doing?


Josh knew that he wouldn't be able to dance well enough to impress Ernie.

You're in so much trouble.

We followed him.

She will pay up to fifty dollars.

Cassette tapes seem to have given way to compact disks in popularity.

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Tokyo is bustling with life.

I had it destroyed.

My opinion has changed.

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He had business at his family's home so he went at once.

It was impertinent of you to behave like that.

The Frenchman sings.

Consider the successes that have been achieved by tired, discouraged people who decided to give it one more try.

You arrested me.


The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

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What kind of music do you usually listen to?

Patience is the mother of science.

That has fallen out of style.

How are you doing? I haven't seen you in ages!

Are you going to mow your lawn this afternoon?

Jef spoke impolitely.

What happened to your daughter?

Shadow confessed that he'd eaten all of the cookies.

Rafael accepted everything without complaining.


How many times did Pilot tell you to do that.

He went skiing in Hokkaido.

I just want to ask you some questions.


Milk is more nutritious than wine.


You're not getting it.

We can survive without food... just not for too long.

When Gil's friends were over at his place for an evening of videos, the whole place smelled of his delicious home-cooked potato chips.

I do remember the day very well.

I wish you'd been one of my students.

Walt promised to come, but he hasn't turned up yet.

It made me very happy.


She might be French.

If you are free, give me a hand.

What's the visibility?

I am quite clear that it is a fact.

He reasoned with his child about the matter.

I gave him the day off.

Could I have some water?


What color are your eyes?

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I hear that you kissed my girlfriend.


That is likely what I saw.

Nathaniel didn't blame me.

Walt has been putting on weight.

Is Duane really going to tell Suresh?

I gave him back his ring.

I made a bad mistake on the test.

I'm going to the park.

We must consider the financial aspects of this project.

I have a key.

Can I talk to you over here for a second?

Would you like to go to the shopping mall with me?


He is very meticulous in his work.


Leatherback turtles can weigh hundreds of kilos.

You can talk to Benjamin now if you want to.

Has anybody here ever been to Boston?

That's actually really mean.

Who can I call to fix my leaky ceiling?


I'm not sure if Sundar is ready.

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That sounds like a good investment.


I got Straka to paint the fence.

There is a radio in my room.

Elementary, my dear Watson.

Kurt looks good.

Today is June 18th and it is Muiriel's birthday!

Getter Jaani is the best singer in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

Do you make photocopies? I need ten of them.

I just want to apologize.

I was really apathetic at first.


I just want to get away.

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Patrice needs to get some help.

Game birds abound in the area.

She was friends with both Anatoly and Ross.

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You look like a boy.

I can walk at least two miles.

How often do you watch TV?

She does not speak many languages.

We arrested her.


Why are you always late?

I've enjoyed talking to you.

It's not the Esperanto speakers that are more addicted to languages, it's the other way round...

What'll they do to him?

I can't wait for him.


I had never talked with Cathy until yesterday.

Rolf majored in business.

I want you to go outside.

Slaughter is the best medicine.

Are you telling me you're not happy here?

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I don't like apples.

The bill, please.

We arrived at the city before night.

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I told Neville he shouldn't drink that.


Sergeant decided to sell his car.

Grief is not linear or predictable.

They won't make it.

We might be able to do that.

The plane was late because of bad weather.

No one is thrilled.

The world's population recently passed 7 billion.

Go back, Satan!

Ping plays the guitar almost as well as Ami does.

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Average U.S. precipitation has increased since 1900, but some areas have had increases greater than the national average, and some areas have had decreases.

Stay calm.

Casey claimed that the contract was invalid because he'd been coerced into signing it.

One of you should be helping Suzan.

I'm in Tel Aviv.

Most people think that quitting smoking is a hard thing to do.

At the sound of my voice, my dog pricked up his ears.

The car was carrying 4 people when it had the accident.

You asked me to talk to Oskar, remember?


They have eyes and see nothing.

I've got a great idea.

He laughed nervously.


Oh, a bath, please.

Lin didn't go into specifics.

Unfortunately, I can't accept your invitation.