It's very uncomfortable.

Felix didn't have any more time.

This time I'll let it slide.

There's something I still don't understand.

"Hey man! Didn't I tell you, Mwa, that I don't eat meat!?" - "Balderdash! You're going to eat it whether you like it or not!"

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She was very impatient with her children.


I always knew that Kerri was destined for greatness.

Lies beget lies.

Now get out of my way.


He argued his daughter out of marrying Mann.


I don't want Damon to see me like this.

Tal dropped everything he was doing to help Stefan.

We'll have to take that risk.

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The house was silent.

The new rotas were showing on the wall.

There was no objection on his part.

They are still together.

I don't study as much as I should.

I want to summarize the content of the presentation and draw a conclusion.

What are the charges against Beverly?

Turkeer passed out from the heat.

It looks really bad.

Could you splice these two pieces of rope together for me?

Your parents loved you very much.

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I've never been to my grandfather's house.

This thing is alive.

Will you swim?

I can't afford to do that.

Amanda told me where to go.

I had to arrest him.

Dick swam across the bay.

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Sriram couldn't have done what you say he did.


I haven't yet had an appointment with this accountant.

Why not let her help you?

The sweets I ate were delicious!


They are crying down Loyd's new theory.

Why should I stop Isaac?

Did you really spike the orange juice?


He walked vigorously ahead of us.

Would you just try to relax?

I'm free on Sunday.

I don't think Triantaphyllos is ever going to get married.

They exchanged a look.

To execute a plan was simple.

My brother will take you home.


Tyrannical governments frequently gaol their political opponents.

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The moment she saw me, she burst out crying.

She may have gone out to do some shopping.

Do you guys understand me?

The annals of sports are replete with the names of great black athletes.

I'm getting to the bottom of this.

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Shutoku doesn't study a lot.

You did this to me.

How about stopping over at Kyoto and sightseeing at the old capital?


Find out all you can about Jin.

I haven't been getting much sleep lately.

Could I see you tonight?


There's nothing to understand.


You are rapacious.


I was wondering where you went.

I haven't seen you in donkey's years!

Do you have somewhere to stay?


There were persecutions of Christians under the Romans.

The clock stopped.

Thanks so much for dinner.

This city is located in France.

Method is indispensable for investigating the truth.


He who loves not wine, woman and songs, remains a fool his whole life long.

Ron immediately headed for the door.

I'll return to Australia in two days.

I want to move to the countryside.

Kayvan already knows the truth.

Eliot managed to save Piete.

I'll be with you in five minutes.

All the food was gone.

I hope you never get out of prison.


Ken has to run fast.

I can lend you that book.

I was having a bath when the telephone rang.

She is blessed with good sons.

Remember that singer from before, Komuro or Himuro, or something, who used to do that bizarre dance?

Did you just hit him?

There is only one pillow.

How did Johnnie get involved?

How ever did you find it?

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Jeffie was the only person to have ever managed to escape from that prison.

Where did you get on this bus?

Can somebody get me a towel?

Even though Kay has had way too much to drink already, he's ordering another drink.

I never want to eat at this restaurant again.

Are you happy with this?

There are people who go mad for the nostalgic feel and also those who love originality.

Hello George. How are you?

Merril was out of town last weekend.

I didn't take it. You can check my pockets.

I said such horrible things about her.


Where is your mother, boy?

I'm not going to sign this.

It is inefficient of you.


The teacher compared my poem with one of his.


Some scientists think that gravity is made up of particles called gravitons which travel at the speed of light.


Everett is a fur trader.

Are you able to get this rare book for me?

How often do I get asked out on a date?

Now get on with your work.

Good people can be found anywhere.

Dannie said I might be wrong.

Any day would be alright with me.


Do you have attacks of dizziness?


Len lives a very busy, compartmentalised life.

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Dory said that he had a bad headache and needed to lie down.

"Do you know what today is?" -"No". - "My birthday!"

Add a dozen eggs to the list.

I wish that Harry would follow my advice.

I would rather fail than copy.

I'm going to go see what's going on.

It was time for breakfast.

It's six o'clock already.

I went to Italy for the second time in 1980.


I saw children begging for food along the side of the road.


They all applauded his success.

I lead a fast way of living.

Who's ready for more?

Come on, stop thinking about that.

Jackye is too smart to do something that stupid.


He is not an American.

I haven't heard this song in a long time.

I want to get to know you better.

They don't have those in Norway.

We were supposed to go on a road trip to the grand canyon.

On my way to school each day, I generally see many dogs and cats.

I am sure of succeeding.

This was not supposed to happen.

She's worried for his safety.

Where is the mother?

I hardly recognized her.

She drank the beer down.

Thanks for reminding me.

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Maybe we should fight.


That's the problem we have to solve.

I sponged a dinner off my uncle.

I thought college would be a more interesting place.


Because we reject the same thing that people of all faiths reject: the killing of innocent men, women, and children. And it is my first duty as President to protect the American people.

Jordan told me that he doesn't want that.

Don't disturb me.


Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that's no proof that they are not there.

My parents made me go there.

She chained all his thoughts and feelings.

Faint grew the sound of the train.

Nici is never going to make it.

Mitch put the list on the bulletin board.

All in all, this was a nice party.

Dawn is a good friend of Marie.

Neville has been awful.

My car was stolen. It's not there where I parked it.

Bob often jogs on that beach.

I cannot write traditional characters, but I am fine reading them.

Human beings can live up to 40 days without food, but no more than 7 without water.

He speaks ten languages.

Now is the time when we must work together.

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Wow! That's cheap!


They were very happy.