I have a ten-year old son.

Larry told me to be more careful.

How far is Liverpool from Southampton?

There won't be an alternative.

Are you aware of the time, Love?

Were you speaking German?

I can't see them.

I'm allergic to Japanese spiny lobster.

I nearly choked on a fishbone.

The butter went bad.

I regard him as the best person for the job.

I run before breakfast every morning.

It's unlikely that Rafik will ever learn to play the mandolin.

Don't make promises that you can't or don't intend to keep.

Don't you find it unpleasant walking in the rain?

I don't know what your problem is.

I'd like to know what happened.

May all of your wishes come true!

We may collect a variety of information about you.

I'll never ask you for anything else my whole life.

Our business is done here.

I saw you talking to Vernon.

I get up at six in the morning.

I know that you did your best.

Both Marie and Mayo look disappointed.

The flowers in her new vase refreshed her.

She has got there just in time.

I need to do some shopping since Christmas is coming soon.

I like this school.

The girls just want to have fun.

More people came than we expected.

When did you return?

I cannot consent to your going alone.

Nancy said he wanted to show what he'd made to Hillary.

It's time to quit.

You shouldn't smoke so much.

"Did you work yesterday?" "I wish yesterday had been a holiday."

"Why are you so cool?" "I was born this way."

Keith, I've got a surprise for you.

Meat won't keep long in this heat.

Do you see your table?

She is calm now; she has stopped crying.

Safety is what matters most.

This is the camera he took the picture with.

You can see symbols of freemasonry on the one dollar bill.

Just don't surrender.

I didn't sleep much last night.

His passion for me doesn't cool.

I am more handsome than you.

The joke is on him.

My jar is leaking.

I think it's time for me to get a bit of exercise.

The closeness of their relationship was too much for him and his busy schedule.

Both parties opposed war.

Though he is more than sixty years old, he looks young.

We're going to be fine.

Aaron is coming down the stairs.

You should've apologized to Niels for what you did.

I overlooked the mistakes in your paper the first time I read it.

The lake is surrounded by mountains.

Dan found a dead body in the woods.

I knew Suzanne would like Stephanie.

I'll put $300 in the bank.

They had poor crops year after year.

I'm sorry, but my mother is out at the moment.

I need you right now.

But there is no publication extant authenticated with his name.

Svante is a visionary.

They took off after Clare.

I love Fridays!

You've got to read this.

I am single.

The ceremony took place in the afternoon.

Let me tell you how I feel.

I didn't agree to meet Amy.

He went about making a doghouse.

We have to find out how to do that.

It may be advisable to go later.

Ariel owns a very big house on Park Street.

Leave the books and magazines as they are.

Democrats and Republicans worked together.

Don't mess with Africans.

For children, this world is full of wonders and miracles.

Where do you want to go this summer vacation?

When did my sister sing that song?

We have fried goose with potatoes.

Agatha gave Charlie flowers and chocolate on their anniversary.

National rescue teams are on standby ready to fly to Japan.

Your friend has a bad influence on you.

He isn't worthy to take the lead.

The bride's wedding dress had been passed down through the family for four generations.

How did you end up on your own?

He had the jump on me.

There's a subtle difference in meaning between the two words.

I was greatly impressed by the speech.

We're getting out of here.

He was unwilling to tell us his name.

Tomorrow is the day!

They seemed OK.

You have until Monday to finish that report.

You should ask your parents for permission.

Vick wins every time.

Howard is probably still in Boston.

You ought not to have kept her waiting on such a cold night.

She only wants alimony. In every other respect, I mean nothing to her.

Let's see it.

Natraj will be out here in a minute.

The food at this hot pot restaurant really tastes pretty good. Let's come here again next time.

We've done everything we can right now.

I could be right.

When it comes to tennis, she is second to none.

Why aren't you doing your homework?

The tea set isn't complete.

You've been up to mischief again!

"How much gas do you want?" "Fill 'er up."

What does the sign say?

Jayant did his duty.

Are you done with the book yet?

You should obey your parents.

Cecilia hasn't talked to her mother yet.

Do you ever listen to English programs on the air?

For all our efforts, things have not turned out better.

Claude is Maria's husband's best friend.

The news of the accident caused public alarm.

Please write it down.

I don't want to be friends with him.

I don't even want to think about that.

I think I can do that.

They were spending money.

I can't get that thought out of my head.

The actual price was lower than I thought it would be.

You should rewrite this sentence. It does not make sense.

That incident was a black mark against the president.

I think that Agatha has some hidden superpowers.

Anyi and Asun are two brothers.

My closet is full of things that I never wear.

I had my picture taken.

The young woman slapped the man who pinched her buttocks.

We don't want your parents thinking there's a problem.

Wes and Valerie are looking for you.

After the race, everyone stood around panting for five or ten minutes.

Rightists often dislike regulatory legislation.

He plays little part in the decision-making.

Murat is an angel.

I think I just heard something.

I fear so.

5. When the reaction is over, place the test-tube on a damp cloth.

He looks as if he had been ill for more than a month.

You aren't watching.

Don't hate me for that.

What are some similarities among ethnic groups?

Bad weather prevented me from setting out.

You'll soon get used to living in the country.

Inside the tent that night she shivered with cold.

That person yonder will run.

I'm Trying and I'm an addict.

I cannot make up in the month of Ramadan.

She's a natural beauty.

Naren posted an unboxing video, but it's extremely boring.

Bertrand said hello.

She was always different.

He likes to go out on horseback.

He gave me a vague answer.

Are you seriously thinking about starting your own business?

He trusts you.

Ross wants to read a book.

Shari's restaurant is full all the time.

What he said has brought about a misunderstanding.

How long do I have to stay here?

Do you know their brother?

The crow caws.

Did you hide it somewhere?

This doesn't mean the danger has passed.

Wolfgang is foolish.

Sugih asked Bret where she went to school.

Do you have any complaint about it?

Jarmo just offered to take care of you.

How does he go to school?

My country needs me.

Johnathan grew up with me.

Please wait in the hall.

Brad smiled demurely.

You shall have it for nothing.

Yugoslavia says it's not responsible for the actions of Serbian militias in Bosnia which have killed thousands, ruined cities, and turned 1.3 million people into refugees over the last three months.

How would you like your hair done?

I can't condone what you did.

You're both pretty.

We're asking you not to do that.

I have received your letter.

That inn is 5,000 yen a night, meals excluded.

The two countries came to a political settlement over this dispute.

Unbelievable! We saw a black sheep on the shores of Copacabana beach.

She was clothed in a white blouse and red skirt.

I can't fix the seat.

How did Ernie get into a fight?

It was filmed in Australia.

I dozed off.

There is a scandal about him.

I feel great now.

Where do you think he lives?