She advised him to use a bicycle.


Her silver armour and her steed dazzled the eyes of the people as she darted past.

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Give it another go.


We made the boy our guide.

My life's been good.

We can't lie to Carter.


I don't have time to buy a new tie before the banquet.

Klingon has to be the most useless language.

It's nothing, don't worry!

The kitchen of our neighbor is smaller than ours.

Toby couldn't understand.

When I got home, I realized that one of my suitcases had disappeared.

He cherished the memory of his dead wife.


That dress becomes her very well.


That new company could flatten the competition.

The European Anti-fraud Office, known by the French acronym OLAF, is responsible for combating fraud against the EU.

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

But he can't enjoy hot summers.

Gerald usually only wears his glasses when he's reading.


We've got to tell someone.

I took a cooking class last spring and learned to bake bread.

It's completely illogical. It wasn't as if I was shouting outside while drunk.


Sigurd couldn't find his contact lens.

Sanche seemed really embarrassed.

Olson is really smart and also kind of cute.

Put some sauce on the pizza.

Where's my room?

Many of the people died.

I don't want any more tests.

In those days, there were no radios.

We're parents.

People only see what they are prepared to see.

I might stay.

That would be awful.

She spends a lot of time on the phone.

One thing hasn't changed.

You're always together.

Yeah. I think I can live with that.

Srikanth wiped his forehead.

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The sweat was dripping off my brow.

By the way, is there another way to say "by the way"?

He broke his word.

I have visited more than nine countries up until now.

The thief seemed to break in through a window.

My grandfather lived till he was eighty-nine.

Almost all my records were imported from Germany.

You're the first woman I truly loved.

These books are poor sellers.

Nothing is the matter with me.

I am joining the piano competition this February.

We tortured them.

I won the fight.

A closed mouth catches no flies.

The white ball weighs as much as the red one.

I told him not to throw stones.

He was shot and left to die in the street.

You're so shallow.

We were very tired, and to make matters worse, it began to rain.

Rex has never been abroad.

After her husband's death, she brought up the four children by herself.

Don't drink out of my glass.

My husband and I have a joint bank account.

There are still many stupid laws that are on the books.

In chess, there are situations where it pays off to sacrifice a piece to gain an advantage in the long term.

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His question took her by surprise.

Gretchen put the folder on the table.

Deborah has three cars.

I don't find that very funny.

This story has an unhappy ending.

Most people expected John Adams to win.

I plan on living in the city.

They never learn!

I haven't seen her since last month.

I think it's time for me to clean the chimney.

I thought I recognized this car.

I like winter.

Gregg is no match for Dalton.


Do you know this man's name?


We have ten head of cattle.

I don't blame them for this.

I can't beat him.

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I thought you'd be busy getting ready for your trip.

Things will be pretty quiet around here until hockey season begins.

Want to leave at the last minute?

The company is 51% owned by American capital.

He did his best.

He did it by himself.

Old people catch colds easily.

I hope you had a good time.

They were very excited.


We'll get married in October.

I don't give a shit about it.

He interpreted for me.


I can still help you.

I prefer to text than to talk on the phone.

What's the name?

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What's your favorite poem?

I forgot my PIN number!

Is it large enough?

Remember to answer his letter.

How soon can I meet her?

I heart Germany.

It's all going to work out.

I'm a black belt in karate.

Harvey is missing.

Warren said Amedeo did a good job.

Does having a vocabulary of 80 000 words give you enjoyment?


If anyone has a problem, tell them to call me.

Price never laughed.

I don't want to speak about her.


Mike smiled.

Tiefenthal must be waiting for Stacey.

I haven't slept for two days.

But why would I help you?

I'm delighted to meet you.

Do you really think Tomas would help us?

The couple who came on a shrine visit, Kouji Oonishi (40) and his wife Yukie (34) said, "We prayed that our child would grow up healthily."

Sherman is a nice guy, except that he talks too much.

I can't remember any of it.

Your name is definitely not on the list.

There was a sharp rise in prices last year.

Law is on my side.

Don't tell me who I like.

Whether I have a problem with it isn't the point.

You have no idea what's going on, do you?


The earthquake shook the area.

This isn't all that complicated.

That'll be great.

Ima is out of prison.

I want to tell you one thing more.

I have a hunch.

Natraj is not a member.

Do you have a mother?

I'm not changing my vote.

Let's go to dinner.

It's been nice talking to you, but I really must go now.

To the west of France is the Atlantic Ocean.

OK, what would you like advice on?


They won't hurt you.

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Are you hiding something from me?

From a theoretical point of view, Peterson's argument is directly relevant to our discussion.

She left her children.

From what he says, I don't think we should go.

Will you do it for me?

I often think about my deceased mother.

She is dependent on her parents even after her marriage.

The damage is done.

I might ask them what happened.

Hawaii is a paradise on earth.

Will you make it to take out?

I don't feel good or rather, I feel terrible.

Soon, the expanse of the galaxy became reminiscent of ancient Polynesian migrational waves throughout the Pacific Ocean.

I still feel healthy.

Jenine was disloyal.

Hallelujah is an expression of praise or thanks to God.

Everyone's very excited.

He had no house to live in.

Barton took the scissors from Anatole.

I hope we can finish this before 2:30.

Sofoklis squatted down to put something on the lower shelf.

This heat is unbearable.

I was really very hungry.


All the tales of miracles, with which the Old and New Testament are filled, are fit only for impostors to preach and fools to believe.

It's time you told Dani the truth.

Don't be so unpleasant with your sister, Kyung.

Would you like me to go there with you?

I don't really understand this.

Why didn't you tell me that Terrance had a daughter?

After death, the doctor.

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Whose turn is it?


Piercarlo is dangerous.

Our team were wearing red shirts.

The government is not doing its best to solve the housing problem.

Robin took care of his sick mother.

Randolph was thirty years old when he died.