It's been raining all the time recently.

No other boy in our class is more studious than Jack.


He is quite clearly out of danger.

She likes the light green bra.

Money answers all things.

Hippopotamuses are one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

I know what I'm feeling.

Do you think that could be true?

Why aren't they coming?


Al started screaming.


Sunil lay flat on the floor.

Those tears are artificial.

There's no magic bullet.

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Let's get some food. You look like you're about to pass out.

I had a pretty good weekend.

Edgar's only got eyes for Patrick.

Let me know when you hear from Jorge.

Will there be permanent effects?

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The girl exercised on the parallel bars.


I told Rand what I knew.


Kirsten has agreed to work for us.


The hotel where I'm staying doesn't have a parking lot.

He used to be a gentleman.

Appearance is deceptive.

It seems that the government wants to separate these three.

We were under constant surveillance.

He loves me and I love him, too.

I always found weird to participate in a community under a pseudonym and sign messages with another name.

We cannot continue our conversation while those people are present.

His room's a mess.

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Rakhal blew on his hands and rubbed them together trying to warm them up.

I'll meet her at the library.

The first point to be discussed is whether segregation existed in this district.


English is not easy for me.

Syd works as a blood spatter analyst with the metropolitan police.

Sandra and Shutoku were too tired to work anymore.

Want a drink?

Suresh will find me.

I am a police.

That's a reasonable thing to do.


The goal was offside.

Who's Randal trying to impress?

That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered.


Are you a teacher or a student here?

Could you call him?

Emirates has five daily flights from New York to Dubai.

She betrayed her friends for the first time.

Is the gas turned on?

These novels are published in French, as well.

I manage to get along on a small salary.

You have to change trains at the next stop.

Have you seen Allan try to start a fire?

Hector said that.

I hardly ever speak French anymore.

I am bound to solve this question.

You don't need to tell me what to do.

I still need to do that.

I guess Vicky got it wrong again.

As soon as I get up, I fix the coffee.

Joachim was too shaken to speak.

Do you think that's enough?

Jem's delighted.

She's with Serdar.

As quick as a wink.


Even though her vet told her not to, she continued to feed her dog raw vegetables.


The planning committee met six times over the course of ten months.

Examine them.

I can't resist any longer.

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Stuart and Lynn rode their horses through the canyon.

I think it is needless to talk about it.

It's only blood.


Taurus came by this morning.

My brother in Kyoto became a teacher.

Could you make it a little shorter for me?

This hamster is small enough to carry in your pocket.

Such a small world!

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What does the word "Tatoeba" mean?

They have to answer the question.

I remarked on his hair style.

This is Ami's dog.

Who do you think can help us?

Carlo put his hand over his heart.

The city dedicated a monument in honor of the general.

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Louis is a messy person.

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Nadeem hit Eric to bring her out of her trance.

You're sure taking your time.

It is bold of him to refuse our offer.

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We're so ready for something new.

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I didn't let it get to me.

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Could I have a sip?

How do you think Hotta found us?

Have you already settled the bill?

I would often take naps on Sundays.

Broadly construed, it's, uh, slightly useful.

Is your car comfortable?

We've had beautiful weather all week.

Take that box away!

Have her come see me.

There are two bottles of red wine on this picture.

The picnic was canceled for lack of interest.

Why doesn't she visit me anymore?

How did you manage it?

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Speaking of foreign languages, do you speak French?


He taught a group of Indian boys.

You're among friends.

I love passion fruit juice.

Something is encompassing me.

Raj should have someone do it for him.


Tell her she should present her immediate resignation.

Would you accept those terms?

You have to go to sleep.

How long do you think Erwin has been watching us?

And, without waiting for an answer, she left the apartment, preceded by her friend Adele.


It's time to make a decision.


I suggest that we eat now unless you're not hungry yet.

This shirt has blood on it.

Those students work hard, don't they?

How can you pick just one?

There's snow on the ground.

I've seen these pictures.

I think it's strange that she was absent from school.

Soon you'll recover fully.

He's friendly.

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Kent just doesn't understand what's going on.


They're doing a good job.

We both hate you.

It told Dirk that I was happy.

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I'm perfectly happy here.


Country roads aren't as crowded as city roads.


Do you think I'd look good with a mustache?

I was feeling blue all day.

I don't want to face that alone.

It can make some people, especially elderly people and infants, very ill.

Are you content with your position in the company?


We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Rodger isn't interested in a promotion at the moment.

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I thought you and Don were friends.

How did you come by those rare books?

He asked me if he could kiss me.

They treated me well.

I know Lindsey doesn't believe in fate.

That's up to you.

Give the public what they want.


She missed her flight.

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She makes a point of taking a shower before breakfast.

I can't lie to her again.

Brown saw that he was surrounded.


Mahesh was on that team.

We should take into account she is still young.

Scot's laughing could be heard three blocks away.

People speak so much about the need for leaving a better planet for our children, and forget the urgency of leaving better children for our planet.

If you need me to do something, just say so.

Is there any salt left?

All subscriptions must be paid before the end of this year.

This book stands high in my opinion.

Carol finally noticed that Brent was staring at him.

Heinrich and Sundar are friends.

Having been written in haste, his letter was hard to read.

You're testing my patience.

Why can't you get one?

One acquires bad habits very easily.

Shouldn't we try and help Raanan?