Nichael doesn't look like his father at all.

Can you keep quiet?

Nobody can stop her.

Vice stole my candy.

If only I had taken your advice.

Dana seems to be holding something back.


Bush tells the truth.

We're in this together, right?

Love is the bridge between you and everything.

He hurt his left hand with a knife.

He will often go out for the whole day.

I tried to call Miek.

Study English every day.


He had a hard time making a living.


You went too far!

You disgust me.

Our team doesn't stand a chance against their team because they are much better than we are.

Jane had a very boring weekend.

I assume that it's okay with you if I take one of them.

Sometimes it's the converts who are the most devout.

She is a total stranger to me.

Put some iodine on this cut.

You ought to keep quiet when people are talking.

He cannot sing well.

This hole was formed by a falling of a meteorite.

You don't know what you are doing, do you?

Rich must have seen where Hwa went.

I know the tune, but I don't know the words.

None of us think Mason will help us.

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Let's get to the library before it closes.

Halley's Comet will come back in 2061.

He stretched out his arm to take the book.


The best way to really know a person is to see how he behaves when he is absolutely free to choose.

I'll be back late.

Only one who lives here, knows the coldness.

Jeff is wearing clothes that are too big for him.

I studied in Boston for three years.

The illiterate man was eager to increase his vocabulary.

I'm pretty good at math, but calculus is way over my head.


This is euphemism!

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Next month, I'm going to move.

Why didn't you buy that?

The membership of the Boy Scout troop swelled.

He allowed John to enter yesterday.

He prefers whole-grain cereals.

I own a computer.

I hope you don't tell Bobby that.

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She has been sick since last week.


The temperature falls.

When have I ever wronged you?

The flight will be delayed because of sandstorm.

Their excuses cut no ice with her.

It looks really expensive.

You won't be interested.

Do you want to join me?

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Please carry your dishes to the kitchen.

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I'll be sure Rudolph gets the message.

Shows that are broadcast during prime time are not supposed to have content unsuitable for children who might be watching.

Hui's parents sent him to Boston because he kept getting into trouble in Chicago.

Vladimir learned that the hard way.

He won a free trip to Tunis.

Marco has a tattoo of a stoat on the back of his neck.

Randy currently lives with his uncle.

All for one, and one for all. That's team play.

I don't want you to get the wrong impression.

Do you think you'll see Juliet again?

I recognized the teacher at once, because I had met him before.

That actually sounds like a lot of fun.

Walking is nice.

I'm not coming back for a while.

I wonder where this road goes.

Divide and conquer.

Clem trusts me.

I had a meeting with them.

Les is an American citizen.


Are you guys still dating?

I cannot lick my fingers. I'm not a cat.

Let's get you home.

It's not us who did it.

She showed little interest in the photos.

I didn't do anything bad.

The wind was blowing violently, and to make matters worse, it began raining.


This is the first time I've ever pruned this plum tree.

I know what you're afraid of.

Look what happened to me.

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I found him there.

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We'll get in touch in another day or two.


Let's not put the cart before the horse.

I don't hear barking.

"Alas!" he said, "what will become of me?"

The service nobility was a pillar of the Prussian state.

I want to attend.

Oh, buddy, what I need is a strong stimulus, in the most hedonistic meaning of the word.

Kelly has just bought a new computer.

I need to talk to you alone.

Have you ever heard such a story?

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The clan ended in seventh grade.

He never turned back again.

It's double Dutch to me.

Gregge gave it to me.

There is nothing more to say!

These kinds of problems are relatively rare.

We don't have a pool.

He is as great a scientist as ever lived.

Maybe you can get Vishal to run the marathon with you.

May I ask which you prefer?

Executive departments and agencies should use innovative tools, methods, and systems to cooperate among themselves, across all levels of Government, and with nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals in the private sector.

Does Spass ever tell how to do your job?

I was told you were reliable.

Guys have feelings too.

I'll join in ten minutes.

Expectations are low.

He gave food to many.

I love the way you say my name.

I rejected the offer.


I don't want her to see it.

I'm capable of making my own decisions.

Sherri wasn't ever in Boston.

We learned French.

Did you forget to lock the door last night?


How old is your child?


Jackye sat on the stump loading his gun.

We'll starve to death!

I don't have to tell you squat.


The cage is open.

Let's talk about why you're here.

I'm planning to stay at the hotel.


I'm ready to get out of here.


I wouldn't have expected it to be that tall.


Thus spoke the Lord: "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth". That's a holy commandment that I cannot reject, since God works in mysterious ways. That's why I must try to procreate kids with any woman as often as possible. I wouldn't dare to disobey the Lord's will.

I found a buyer for your house.

Hello there!


I'm up to here with him!


That might change things.

He's a quick study.

Dan introduced Linda to Matt and Rita.

I wasn't born here, but I spent all of my early childhood here.

She took pains in educating the children.

You smashed it.

The nurse gave him a flu shot.

I never thought I'd be happy to see you.

I laugh at people, while there's snot at my nose.

It is worthwhile visiting that museum.

Some classmates saw me give him chocolate.


How much for half a kilo?

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She is kind by nature.

Would you give her this for me?

Daryl handed Wade the box.

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I think you've already met them.

Up to 15 minutes.

Art attempted suicide.


It's your money.

Tell me truly what you think.

With nary a word to Marion, Trey ran away with their twins.

So far as I know, the book has never been translated into Japanese.

It took me several hours to reprogram it.

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Why is Marcia doing this?


Tobias tossed his dog some bread.

Warriors never complain!

There is a 21-day quarantine for people suspected of having contracted the Ebola virus.

Call a policeman.

I have finished my homework.

We like the cultural weeks.

The greater the genius, the longer it takes the world to find it out and understand it.

A wise man changes his mind, a fool never.

Sangho isn't very trustworthy, is he?

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My level 9 barbarian has died.