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Mixed Media
Welcome to Art by Alphonsine
Artist - Alphonsine Koehler 2017

Thank you for visiting my Web site, I hope you enjoy looking through my gallery pages. A lot of the work displayed is to show you what I do, and some are for sale. I will also do commission work. To start, I should tell you a little about myself:

I am mostly self taught, and have been creating art for forty some years. I have always been fascinated with faces, and I began my art career drawing and painting portraits, primarily in graphite,Charcoal and Conte pencils.

I eventually ventured into Acrylics, Watercolor, Ink, and Clay Sculpture. I was drawn to the 3 dimensional art of Bas-Relief,and created many pieces over the years.So it was a natural progression to discover Mixed Media, in which I am now totally immersed.

I could write pages about the marvels of mixed media, and the joy of art in general, but the fact that you are browsing through this Art Web site tells me you are already, aware, and interested in the creative realm of art. And it is a place of magic.

Suffice it to say, I feel fortunate to be doing a job that allows me to make pictures, and have so much fun, while I’m toiling away.
I don’t believe I am unique in this creative journey, but I know I am going somewhere with this, and I’m not sure where it’s taking me.

If you have any questions, or are interested in some of my pieces, or you are thinking of a commission piece, or simply interested in Mixed Media, I can be reached at,