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Nasa's Mars rover has found an ancient streambed.

Just make sure that credit is given: "from The Herbs, by Leon Thomas, published by Herbal Life."

I'm going to have breakfast with Rolfe tomorrow.


That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Everyone looks so happy to be there.

We've got no proof Spass did this.

I have a lot to do; otherwise I would accept your invitation.

All you have to do is to push this button.

She has most peciluar ideas which surprise everybody.

I can't make myself understood in German.


I thought we were finished with that.

They were thin.

He kept badgering her until she told him what he wanted to know.


Joni is kind.

I don't want to see her get hurt.

Looks deceive.

Some of the boys are fishing and the others are swimming.

Guys, I'm really mad at you.

Trading was slow today after yesterday's market decline.

I told them myself.

Japan's consumption of rice is decreasing.

The boy took no notice of his father's advice.


I'll tell you what I think.

You will be able to see him tomorrow.

Is she gone?


Crystal meth is short for crystal methamphetamine.

Anything can happen anytime, anywhere.

It's well said that "You can't judge people by their appearance", isn't it?

Patricio is a pig-headed fool.

The pupils learned many poems by heart.


We had to do without a TV set.

Jeanne won't eat meat.

I pretended I didn't know who Aaron was.

He doesn't have his medicine.

Did I come at a bad time?


She uses different aspects of Scottish dialects.

Hang up and wait a moment, please.

Sanjay's the one with all the secrets, right?

I've heard that one before.

We eat every evening at six.


I'm busy as a bee.

Sanjib liked to write stories.

We didn't want to get in your way.

You never told me you knew Aaron.

I'll be there at five p.m.

The end of the world will have to wait.

I wouldn't have done that.


Why did Spock want to talk to me?

I don't recognize the number.

Maria says he was born in Boston.

There's a great difference between a theory and an idea.

Mark had to drop out from college because he couldn't afford tuition.

He is a teacher of English.

Read the kind of books that teach you something.

List started walking.

Tony's voice is nice.

Your mother is half you, and reminds me of you.

Using only "Stephanie" and "Mike" in many sentences is very strange.


You of all people should know the dangers.


There are lots of things to do.

When you put money in the bank, you deposit it.

If this be treason, make the most of it.

I have been looking for a piano for my daughter.

Where's the meeting?

I'm sure that Maurice is a very busy man.

Sorry, I didn't know you were still here.


Jinny is a very good painter.

Gretchen arrived at the station at 3:00.

Advertisements urge us to buy luxuries.

I'm biased.

Your hair looks great.

You shouldn't neglect good old friends.

Beth is lying on the floor, unconscious.

She likes to read books.

We got no thanks for all our work.

Children learn language without being taught.

The rain didn't stop, and went on for the entire day.

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Do Scots have their own language?

"So, are you all set for the big day?" "Yeah! I can't believe it will be my first day of high school!" cried Link enthusiastically. "I can't believe it, either," mused the King. "It's as if it was just yesterday. I was just teaching you how to add one and one. Now look at you... My little boy's becoming a man." "Huh?" Link said in surprise. "Being in high school makes me a man?" "Yeah, it sure does... Fari, give me my headache wine." "Oh boy!"

In many respects, women and men are totally different.

They'll build you a house.

Lack of openness is a problem.

Sir says that he's happy.

I have to buy a new scanner.


You should tell her yourself.


My cat is really smart.

We're sure you'll be fine.

I'm good at problem solving.


The cold weather extended into April.

Recall the filename before you try to perform file recovery.

It's none of my business.


I'll go tomorrow if the weather is reasonable.

Maybe we should try again.

Summer has come.


Never mind what happened.

I stayed up all night.

That man is strong.

Has Amos told Hughes that he doesn't really know how to speak French?

Everyone worked very hard.

I have to work tonight.

She has a funny face.

I wasn't sure I could do it.

You can speak out freely here.

She asked him to come into her house.

I know how much she means to you.

No one would offer him a job.

It's pretty exciting.

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I hope there's still some bread left.

Why else would I be talking to you?

Please sign on this line.


I think it certain our team will the win the game.

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What makes you so sure Miriamne likes you?

We'll stop him.

I haven't used French in a long time and I've forgotten a lot of words.


Lindsey can't finish this job in a day.

Do you have a table?

She can speak French, and is even better at English.


Does Ben know why you weren't at his party?


Darci always checks to verify that no dyes are in any food he buys.

Police are seeking witnesses to the armed robbery of a fast food outlet at 11 o'clock last night.

Piet ordered a drink.

What are you trying to hide?

Glynn didn't have any reason not to believe Oskar.


How long will he remain in Moscow?

She kept crying all night long.

The proceeds from the bond issue will be used to finance the budget deficit.

It's obvious that she doesn't care about us.

In this firm, women work on equal terms with men.

Do you have a band?

Daniel has a friend who lives in Boston.

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No one knows how to think, but everyone's got an opinion ready.

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We'll investigate the matter.

Hey, what's that noise?

I see yours, but where are mine?

I visited Anton in Boston three years ago.

This isn't really helping.

The boy's toys are in the bathroom.

I cried too much.

Because he has plans for future expansion.

Our garden was full of weeds.

We're going to try to be there on time.

That's right, isn't it?

Scientists have discovered that unicorns once lived in Siberia.

It's just a fad.


Deirdre returned from a week in Boston.

I am to meet her on Platform 8.

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.


Newts and salamanders, unlike frogs and toads, keep their tails as adults.

How many barbers work in this barbershop?

I'm glad I caught you before you left.

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I'm just trying to find them.


I don't know when Nadeem will come.


This is where I absolutely disagree with you.

I've got to take a make-up test.

I looked around for you.

My sister didn't help me.

It is useless to talk to him.

All of a sudden, we heard the sharp cry of a cat.

If anything, my father seems happier than before.

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He seems absorbed in his work.

The tooth fairy teaches children that they can sell body parts for money.

Who wants French toast?

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It's probably a warning.

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It was there all the time.