We can move everything out.

Putting your house in order, if you can do it, is one of the most comforting activities, and the benefits of it are incalculable.


We used to be in school together.

He slid his arms around her and kissed her.

We'll take her home.

Who are they for?

Were you at the concert?

At school, Gil ignored me and pretended that she didn't know me.

The language of that tribe is as complex as any other human language.

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She squeezed a lemon.


I got shot at a few times.

Are increases in life expectancy accompanied by a concurrent postponement of disability and functional limitations?

We only had one opportunity.

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Read the passage on page 22, please.

How am I going to impress her?

We did not see a single game.

Please wait until I come back.

The Italians say that translators are traitors.

Don't go into this drawing room now.

Keep quiet. The baby is sleeping.


Don't you have to be at work?

I like football the best.

Our savings dwindled to just a few hundred dollars.

Hohn is losing the fight.

It was a fair fight.

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I saw her naked.

The picture has a charm of its own.

The young should make room for the old.

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Do you find that funny?

She is weak by nature.

Heinz has three pieces of baggage.

This mule can't carry a heavier load.

You've been told the same thing everybody else has been told.

I expect to be back by 2:30.

Our picnic plates are made of plastic.

That's an order.

Is Oskar getting enough to eat?


Lord owes us an explanation.


Travis has some shopping to do.

The water from this river runs into the sea.

I have no idea how to do deal with my daughter.

Dan shared personal information with Linda.

I can't tell you how stupid this makes me feel.

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He is a good tennis player.

I already ordered.

Olof heard Derek coughing.


The bank has branches in all parts of the country.


Hy is taller than his mother.


She became the first woman to complete a two-way nonstop crossing of the channel in fifteen years.

Angela's wife loves to exhibit her jewelry.

Camila is from Uruguay. She is Uruguayan.


There must be some hope.

I know the difference.

I love the way you laugh.

He's a crackpot.

I don't think that's what's causing the problem.


There was blood on Edith's face.

Never dig straight down!

It can't be measured in terms of money.

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I'll be back at 6:30.


Gil is in poor health.


You're not supposed to be doing that.

You seem to hate women.

Look toward her.

All I can tell you is it had something to do with a guy named Masanobu.

I guess my wife was right.


I think I'll never be able to catch up with Donal.

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Now, it's time to celebrate.


It isn't what you're thinking.

You should probably tell Seth how to do that.

It was pure chaos.

The sun disappeared behind the clouds.

I'm not moving out.

What a lovely dress!

I made a deal with them.

He grinned broadly at us.

Please inform me what options are available to me.

This book is easy to read.

We have to be sure we're right.


That was all Chinese to me.


Could you tell me the way?

Ellen never turned up again.

I'll be in the other room.

An amoeba is a protozoan.

Your attitude makes me proud.


I just showered.

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Blair might talk to Sharan.

It's a private matter.

Jwahar became a police officer.

We weren't able to reach Guido.

Myrick wants to build his dream house.


How long are you going to stay in Oxford?


A common swift can spend its first two or three years on the wing before breeding, and making its first ever landing.

For these ought not to be alive.

There's another problem we haven't discussed yet.


I always loved you so much.


We will elect whoever we believe is worthy.

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The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.

I'm an avid golfer.

It's not really necessary to do that.


Roxanne did what I wanted him to do.

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Margaret thinks Elliot looks great in blue.


Let me read the paper when you have finished with it.


I stayed at home because I was sick.

Sabrina is home on leave.

Are you losing weight?

We were late.

We need a new rug.

We're not making any progress in our work.

Griff departed, leaving Ginny and John alone.


He has hardly any money, but he gets by.

He welcomed his fellow worker into his home.

I learned French from a Canadian.

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I was abducted by aliens.

Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.

I ran as fast as I could, but I missed the train.


Who will you go with?

Lanny saw the file.

I fixed the house for the disabled man.

I made a rookie mistake.

Admission by silence.

George caused this.

That'll make him very happy.


He lied his way out of it.

What is "Tatoeba"? Is it some kind of new trend?

It's lunch time.

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Teriann isn't ready for this.

You can't postpone the party.

Let's eat grandma!

Chet gave Myron a hard time.

Patrick is a dance teacher.


I rely on your promise.

You gave me hope.

You must live up to your principles.


I was so cold.

Francis was suffused with happiness.

We rejected Curt's suggestion as too extreme.


Relying on strength alone cannot guarantee victory.


Quickly she opened the letter.

I saw the sudden change on the broad's face as she realized that she wouldn't be able to cajole the ticket collector into letting her make it off without any fine.

We have forty-five (add name of currency).

She bought chicken.

This packaging material provides heat insulation.

He'll come at quarter past three.

I gladly accepted his proposal.

Take off your glasses.

Let me tell you why that's not going to happen.

Helen Keller was blind, deaf and dumb.

I told him what you did.

The king and queen embraced each other, and she told him the whole story.

He is madly in love with that girl.


Please tell me how to take a book.


I'll spare you the details.


I'm driving a car.