That's what's supposed to happen.

Let's go, Ken.

I'm not as stupid as you think I am.


I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they are personal pronouns.

Isn't it neat?

My daughter is often sick.

I want to be the best swimmer in Australia.

I think Pradeep is a bit eccentric.

Ask Oliver to stop doing that.

Really? It took me an hour by train.

What else would you like to do?

Does Angus believe me?


You must show respect to your guests.

She doesn't see it that way.

Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction.


Presley really likes antiques.

Is my software up-to-date?

The exception proves the rule.

I can understand Juan.

I'll lend you the book as soon as I'm done reading it.

I even wanted to shake his hand, but then I remembered that I had killed a man.

If you've got the time help out with our relative's work.


You can get all kinds of things to eat if you go to the free samples area in a department store.


Guy could use one of those, I think.

As long as it's not too much of a bother, people like to be nice to other people.

My father made my mother a cup of coffee just the way she likes it.


I wanted to buy a suit, but it was too expensive.

I should try to help Uri.

What do you want here?

How did Amy look?

I suddenly had hope.

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They look tired.

Did Peter ask you why you did that?

The boy next door fell head first from a tree.

Shankar heard Oskar shout.

I felt like running away.

What do you owe us?

I heard him, but I didn't understand him.


They were stranded on a deserted island.

When in Sydney, I went one Sunday morning to bathe. I was accompanied by a friend who had just arrived from the South Sea Islands. He was very timid, and clung to the rock, never going beyond a few yards from it, and instantly returning. Upon rallying him, he confessed his great dread of sharks.

It is good for the health to get up early.

Someone tried to poison him.

He will eventually ruin himself.

Mr Smith made him some toys.

Joel doesn't look very well. Is he sick?

There is a woman at the origin of all great achievements.

I wasn't pretending.

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We were all very touched.

Clayton is delicate.

The details of the project have not been clear for the last two months.


Victoria's tempered the excesses of his financal risk-taking.

It's the second time I've taken the plane. I'm still a little afraid.

Is it valuable?

We could buy a nice house with our winnings.

Reinhard is super happy.

To turn cold water hot, one needs to heat it.

You're just making things worse.

The human life is a journey.

Cucumbers, spinach, broccoli and onions are considered non-starchy vegetables.


After the Russian Federation has conquered the Crimea, the country's government provides on the peninsula worldwide best travel conditions for self-torturers and masochists.

I thought you were going to call in sick.

Does Ji really want me do this?

I am convinced of his honesty.

We're a team, not individuals! We need to work as a team.

Did you have a good birthday?

This is extremely disappointing.

Why do you like me?

The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.


If two men always have the same opinion, one of them is unnecessary.

Speak louder. Your grandfather's hearing isn't so good.

We only use our basement for storage.

I'm going first!

Sid finally made up his mind to marry Seenu.


Sit down, please!


He is the very best baseball player in our school.

No matter what I'm going to the beach! Towel and trunks. Insect repellant!

I haven't spoken to her yet.


It's a beautiful day outside.


What's Molly's motivation?


Which one of us do you like best?

Beth and I were in Boston last month.

I am a Briton.

Don't tell him. He's got a loose tongue.

The evening was quiet and cloudy.


Po can't swim very well, can he?

I was supposed to take Carisa to dinner.

I thought you thought Raymond wasn't interested in sports.

Favoring one gender over another won't win you any friends here.

If I die, I want you to keep this ring.

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Ramesh pulled his cap down over his eyes.

Jay took a taxi to the hospital.

They entertained us at dinner.

Did you write down the number?

Here we are at the theater.

Today didn't go well.

Her face came back vividly to my memory.

We're trying to locate Liz.

I know how difficult this must be for you.

Send me a bill.

We've got to find it.

Lin is important.

It was her fate to die young.

What a beautiful dress!

You had better not work too hard.

Mayo didn't have the courage to ask Johann out.

Have you heard about the accident?


Today is June 18th, the birthday of Muiriel!

We appealed to our teacher to go more slowly.

This topic is appealing to many.

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I can give you an autograph if you want.


He looks very good.

I cannot recall the words of the song.

She doesn't know the title of the book you're talking about.

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Sharon is still sleepy.

I lived in Tokyo a few years ago, but now I live in Kyoto.

Arne began to suspect something was wrong.


Cary goes to school early on Mondays.

She worked hard in order to save money.

I wonder what has become of him after he went to America.

Did you reserve a room at the hotel?

You'll need a screwdriver.

I would love to meet an Esperantist and spend the whole day saying, "What is this?".

Be careful. The deck is slippery.

Jem is just a little nervous.

Someone, tell him to get a life!


The eternal silence of these infinite spaces terrifies me.

Joanne's dog killed Suu's cat.

How much do I owe?

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I looked him straight in the eye.

Life is good here.

We weren't aware of the time.

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Did I do something stupid?

Hiromi goes to school five days a week.

You should see a therapist.

Despite their own scandals, the police continue to make arrests as though nothing had happened at all.

I'm sure you know what I mean.

I could really do with a grilled chicken right now.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

And so they didn't marry and they lived happily until the end of their lives.

Does the price include accommodation?


The receptionist said to come right in.


Aoife is loved by everyone.


It feels weird.

The lake is very deep.

I was in the basement when the doorbell rang, so I didn't hear it.

Will you tell me the way to the station?

Lynne is a straight-A student.


That's exactly what I've been telling Ramanan.

I couldn't help but listen to Wolf.

She read one poem to him.

She awoke in the middle of the night.

The results were unpredictable.

I'm an early riser.

Is time travel possible?


Irfan and I understand each other.

It was to his profit to do so.

Sherri called the hotline.


I was made to stay at home by mother.

The refrigerator is dirty.

He knows how to curse in Chinese.

It's time to get up.

Ann seems to be ill.

Her duty was to look after the children.

My mother is making a cake.


However, no one was able to help me.