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Overview of IDEXX VetConnect® PLUS API

Offer your customers an easier, more efficient workflow with electronic test requisitions and results from IDEXX VetConnect PLUS®.

Customers can see both their in-house and reference laboratory results together, resulting in:

  • Better medicine
  • Better client care
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Fewer missed charges

The seamless test-ordering workflow provides:

  • A fully searchable and up-to-date test directory with access to a Favorites List and a Top 20 List
  • Electronic test requisitions with automatic invoicing from within your software
  • The ability to add test requests to a requisition, update test orders, and cancel test requests.

The test-results workflow provides:

  • A comprehensive look at a patient’s historical IDEXX diagnostic data
  • Advanced trending features to help your customers make the best medical decisions

Ordering API

The VetConnect® PLUS Ordering application programming interface (API) enables your veterinary practice management system to send test requests to IDEXX Reference Laboratories, retrieve the list of available tests, create bar-coded requisition forms, and update or cancel orders that are in transit to the laboratory.

Your customers enjoy a seamless reference laboratory workflow, while ensuring they capture charges automatically to pass along to their clients.

Results API

The VetConnect PLUS Results API enables your veterinary practice management system to retrieve both in-house and IDEXX reference laboratory test results through IDEXX VetConnect PLUS.

Veterinarians and technicians can view these combined test results side-by-side for easier analysis, interpretation, and trending. The results appear in a single VetConnect PLUS browser element within the practice management software. Other sources of diagnostic results will be added in future releases.

Getting Started

To learn more about the benefits of integrating VetConnect PLUS Ordering or Results with your practice management system, read the "Getting Started" sections.

When you've finalized your integration plans with IDEXX, use the remaining links to access detailed information about the APIs.

Getting Started

If you're investigating VetConnect PLUS integration, learn about the benefits for your customers, how integration works, and the prerequisites needed.
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Best Practices

Review the design details you'll want to address as you create an efficient and user-friendly implementation of VetConnect PLUS.
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Developer's Quickstart

If you're a developer, get up and running quickly with the VetConnect PLUS APIs. Read a summary of the required data elements with links to the detailed reference documentation.
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