People should understand that the world is changing.

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I'd rather not tell you how old I am.

Is there something you want to ask?

He had an unfriendly attitude.


Saul asked Izumi out on a date and she accepted.

Plot is important!

I'd like to hear that from them.

This unexpected malfunctioning of the system was caused by improper wiring.

Drew owes a lot of people a lot of money.

I have a backache.

That's Brooke's voice.

No one answers.

What gave Hillary that idea?


They settled in Canada.


I understand how difficult this is for you.


Darren showed some photos to Elwood.


How many hours a day do you sleep?

The singer is as famous as Madonna.

He who is slow to promise is best in keeping them.

Did you lose something?

She stooped to pick up a pebble.


She kept a rabbit.


Take me somewhere.

He returned home without telling us.

Nobody's forcing you.

Did you hear that what's-his-name crashed his motorcycle?

How long will you be in Tokyo for?

How soon can you have it ready?

I saw Tahsin talking to Kemal.

I figured you'd probably never want to see me again.

Have you figured it out?

They had built roads and bridges.

Ed is walking around.

You're obviously dying to tell me.

We're having TV dinners tonight.


You obviously don't understand.

Sidney is my baby.

I will tell you if you wish.

Let's not fight among us.

Axel doesn't want to go to sleep immediately.


What happened? There's water all over the apartment.

Those laughed nervously.

Why do you wear your hair like that?

Sally looked interested.

Is that what you did to him?

I need a little help with my homework.

I can't believe Raja isn't here.

Murray opened the drawer again and took out a notepad.

I really hope that happens.


Fishing is not permitted in this lake.

I see how you study.

Some kids cut through my yard on their way to school.


He never breaks his habit.


You don't do a useful snitch of work.


An expensive car is a status symbol.

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I'll tell you if I find anything.

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Dorothy and Martyn built a snowman.

They were in the right place at the right time.

The famous conductor lives in New York.

This desk is too small for you.

I am going to visit the art exhibition one of these days.


I need to see the doctor.

You won't get anywhere by talking with a disturbed individual like that.

In their eyes, he can do no wrong.


How are you celebrating today?

Cockroaches are insects.

He was supposed to go to school.

No one should force his views on others.

I drove downtown to meet them.

Tell me again why we're here.

I had fallen into the water.

If the weather permits, they will go and pick mushrooms in the woods.

You guys have to leave now.

You should imitate his behavior.

The pupil was punished for smoking.


Greg only listens to punk rock.

It's creepy in here.

Unfortunately, I'm too busy right now.

They chatted for a moment.

The car slowly gathered speed.

Do you think Ernie's right?

Kamel doesn't know when Ric will leave Boston.

You befooled me.

The novel is centered on the Civil War.

I want to know where they've taken Stagger.

I tend to agree with you.

What's Claudio's status?

He makes her laugh more than I.

Lindsey knows horses.

Ruth is a crook.

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I try.

They fight like cats and dogs.

It's not good to count all the things that you have already given.


As a general rule, the pension amount is based on price changes in the previous year.

The majority of people marry sooner or later.

That's no good.


I can't meet Spike now.

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What do you see in him?

Clean your room, please.

We almost got caught a few times.


Coal, natural gas and oil are the remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago.

The book I bought yesterday is a real soporific.

Let's have sake.

He wants that a lot.

Just trust me.

Is everything arranged for the trip?

I no longer work here.

I was told not go out, which advice I followed.

We live ten kilometers from Thessaloniki.


The noise of traffic prevented us from hearing what the man said.

Your parents must be so proud of you.

Machinery uses a lot of electricity.


Blayne and Stevan fight with each other all the time.

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We've got plenty of money.

Just stay out of our way.

Last week a lot of appointments kept me busy.

You have to get her help us.

Siping apologized to us for being late.

Read the article again.

May I run with you?

People in the back row craned to see the stage.

Someone's knocking on the door.


Jane was mindful of my warning.

This submarine can operate in the most hostile conditions on the planet.

Jill was a little homesick.


I don't like bad children.

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Air is to man what water is to fish.

You aren't responsible for what Tal did.

Did Roderick seem OK to you?


They have reached a deadlock.


Did you see the cowboy film on TV last night?

Do you think that I'm not trying my best?

Ken shared the room with his older brother.

I can't go even if I want to.

Why did you want him to leave?

Take them all to my office.

I thought he might come.


This guidebook is handy to take on a trip abroad.

A good lie is easier to believe than the truth.

Case bought some bread.

Do you need bread, sausage and cheese?

Mr Rich acknowledged her favor.

Edwin is going to buy me out.

In America traffic keeps to the right.


I don't see what the big deal is.

I thought Erick had convinced Jayant not to buy that.

Many of our customers are from Canada.

Polish girls didn't want Justin Bieber to come to Poland.

Thank you for your warm welcome!

And among the good there are Serbs and Croats and Muslims, just as there are among the bad.

I can't lend this book to you.

So what did you do?

Don't get carried away.

He is wearing a hat.

Where can I get my baggage?


This will be a good opportunity for me to use my language skills to my advantage.

We'll take care of them.

I know nothing.

The school closed due to a bomb threat.

I just flew back from Marseille.

Some people in the world suffer from hunger.

Why didn't Sherman call for help?

You may want to tell Jared that.

There isn't an orange on the table.