Here, I'll open it for you.

He did not endure more of this smell.

No one takes me seriously.

I shouldn't have told you.

The news moved him deeply.

Jane swims better than Yumi.

Is that what he wants?

Some read books to kill time.

Let's hope something good happens.

Trent lives in the worst part of town.

Who's going to pay for all of this?

This system of linear equations has exactly one solution.


He pronounced his judgment over such vehement behaviour.

My father was there when the bomb exploded.

Man is a social animal by nature.

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He tiptoed into the room.

What a wonderful party!

I lost my identity.

Roosevelt worked hard to improve the United States relations with Japan.

I am determined to be a scientist.

I'd like to drink some herbal tea.

You have one hour.

Do you have pictures of your kids with you?

Therefore many people passed away.

What's the population of Boston?

Plastic was in too big of a hurry.

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She hates green peppers.

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Kimberly runs three miles a day.

I didn't see anyone in the park.

How often do you call Vladislav?

I wonder if he has another.

You should treat everyone fairly.

Mother hummed to herself as she went about her cooking in the kitchen.

Gail wore a large hat.

Somebody tipped off the gang members to the police surveillance.

I'd like some cider, please.

I'm the one who rescued Troy.

My house is ten minutes' walk from the station.

I miss the high school days we spent together.

Can I have a private opinion?

What is your job, Art?

The year before last, we went to Europe.

I'm not worried about what might happen.

Doctors should help the sick or injured person.


I'm offended.

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I couldn't make it.


Nothing seems to happen around here except on weekends.


Pratapwant liked teasing her brother.

Make your room tidy.

The squirrel died instantly.

Most months have 30 or 31 days.

I am dressed in red from head to toe.

I can always take the bus back to Boston, right?

I wanna have your babies.

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I saw Alejandro's face.


The wrestler had his right leg broken in a bout.

Carlos got custody of his son.

I now live in Boston in the US, but I plan to go back to Japan before the end of the year.

She has the ability to speak and write French.

Why are you back from lunch so soon?


It is a complete mystery what caused the accident.

I didn't care for the third act of the play.

Who left their belongings in the meeting room?

I'm not even sure I want to help you.

I can't believe this is going to end.


I hope you're hungry.


Darryl almost drowned in his neighbor's swimming pool.


I'm surprised to hear that he is in prison.

I didn't mean for this to happen.

She went there.

If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well.

She likes these cats.

Listening to music is lots of fun.

Bill is on the editorial staff.

Is this intended for me?

I saw Tuna in the library yesterday.


He was handsome and only forty-three years old.

People sometimes compare death to sleep.

Julianto sorrowfully buried her mother.

I'm going to give you the book.

My roommate from the barracks, who can't hold his liquor, came home after the party and puked all over my new shoes.

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I have three years of experience.

Old seems to be in a fairly bad mood now.

That's my favorite excuse.

Do you mind if I ask a few questions?

Was that necessary?

I have a gift for Russ.

I'm not looking for a relationship.

I really should buy a new car.

What do you suppose happened?

The man dashed the bottle against the wall.

We now have something to celebrate.

What we need now is action, not discussion.

They are loyal to their master.

Kate is crazy about the new singer who appears on television frequently.

Krzysztof and Roberta boarded the train at five thirty.


We can't accept this.

I won't speak to them.

By September I will have known her for a whole year.

I know where you slept last night and with whom.

You the man!

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Let's call them.


She gave the boy what few coins she had in her purse.

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She was alone in the dark.

We'll meet again in three hours.

I can afford it.

We burn all desire for freedom.

He is just a pretty face.

He got eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

The medicine saved her life.


Feel free to ask any questions.

They are proud in humility; proud that they are not proud.

He need not have come to the party last night.

When are you going to get here?

He did not listen.

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There's no such word as "can't".


This is a miracle.

Travis has a distinctive scar under his right eye.

We couldn't help but laugh when we listened to his story.

Who didn't know that?

I used to be a night owl, but now I'm an early riser.

She is apt to win the prize.

Myrick doesn't feel like playing outside today.

I paid in coin.

I feel blue.

Susan loves to play and romp with his kids when he gets home from work.

Does this even make sense?

It's not yet what you'd call finished but we're starting to get pretty good results.

He will have been teaching for thirty years this spring.

We met each other at a party.

What did they tell you?


I must've fainted.


The urban population of America is increasing.

They grieved over their friend's misfortune.

Lucy sometimes visits May.

Charlene knows this will be difficult.

Can we say no to the USA?


Kaj smiled skeptically.

Well, I can cross that off my bucket list.

This is hopeless.

I'm afraid someone will see us.

First of all, it is too expensive.


I've got to get to the airport.

She will kill herself if she doesn't see her child.

What surprised me most was that she didn't like candy.

You must control your temper, Seth.

Are you busy on Monday?

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It wasn't like that.

I have a working theory.

He can't do everything himself.

Is there something I can get for you?

Why does that bother you?

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Smoking is not a habit; it's an addiction.


We have people everywhere.


May I have a straw, please?

I'll send you a postcard.

What time do you think it is? Where have you been out so late?

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I'm going to ask you both to leave.

My printer is very low on all four ink cartridges, and the quality of the printing is poor.

I'll leave the planning to you.

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I can give you some money if you need it.

Wherever you may go, you can't succeed without perseverance.

I sat at the front in order to hear the lecture clearly.

I'd like to go out with her.

They elected her president.

Why would I tell Dori that?

Shuvra has barely touched his food.